Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anniversaries are fun + a GIVEAWAY!!

This month is my one-year anniversary with Celebrating Home! 

It's been a fun year, and I've had the chance to sell, purchase, earn, and win all kinds of amazing items for cooking, decorating my home, and to wear! 

Since it's my anniversary, I'm having a party!  This September is not going to be even CLOSE to as good as my first September with the company.  I was supposed to have a party on Friday, and it's not looking like that will happen.  :(  That means I need your help.

But there IS something in it for you!  IF my party reaches $300 in sales, I'm going to give away $110 in FREE merchandise!!!  I have set up a Rafflecopter entry form below.  In order to qualify, you will need to place an order from my anniversary party!  After that, you can enter to win in other ways.  BUT please keep in mind, if my party does not reach $300, I cannot have a winner.

There is some AMAZING fall merchandise, and I think you will all love it!  I'm sharing some of my favorite items below!  (Each item has a direct link below the photo where you can place your order.)

Get ready for game day:
The Official Party Platter

Fall into Autumn
Hootie & Happiness Bowl & Tray (4 Piece Set)
Hootie & Happiness Night Light
This night light is one of our fragrance warmers.  We use fragrance gels in our warmers.  They look like a lotion.  You just squeeze a dime-sized amount onto the warmer and turn it on.  (There is a small area behind Hootie's head for you to put the gel.)  These gels are not messy like wax, and they last a long time!  When you want to change scents, you can take Hootie off of the night light and pop him in the dish washer or wash him off with soap and water. 

We also have larger warmers.

Berry Fragrance Warmer
This fragrance warmer is in our Berry Stoneware pattern.

Here are some of my favorite fall fragrances: Baked Apple Pie, Holiday Cinnamon Snaps, Warm Cinnamon Pumpkin, and Blueberry Sugar Cookie.

Great Gift Idea

Carving Knife Personalized Cutting Board
Celebrating Home offers personalization.  I gave this cutting board to my cousin-in-law at her bridal shower.  It was a hit!  It got the biggest reaction from guests at the party.  :)  I was thrilled.

Accessories for YOU


            Oh So Perfect- Turquoise

You're Teasing Me- Black

I'm a Flirt- Silver

Todie's Tapered Tote- Brown Eyed Girl

Hug My Neck in Vegas

There are also lots more scarves, and you've already seen lots of my favorite jewelry in my Skirtember posts!  I could go on forever about my favorite things, but this is just a sampling to give you some ideas of what we have! 

Keep in mind that Christmas is coming!  If you're looking for gifts, this is a great place to start, and you'll be helping me as well!  One last favor, PLEASE spread the word about this party and the giveaway!!  Thanks everyone!  Remember to enter below after placing your order! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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