Friday, April 27, 2018

4 for Friday

Why, hello there!

Remember me?  I did this thing almost a year ago that has really gotten in the way of my blogging.

I had a baby.

It's been a crazy first year, and I have to say that I've missed my little space here in blogging land.  I have a few spare moments, and I thought I'd pop on and share a little something with the world.

1. My little guy turned 11 months last Friday.  
I seriously can't believe that it's been almost a year since he came into the world.  I am currently planning his 1st birthday party! 

This is from today.  :)
2. I have 24 school days left for this school year.  
In some ways, it's gone so quickly, and in other ways, it can't end soon enough.  It's been a difficult school year adjusting to being a working mom, having new curriculum to teach, and a full year with new administration.  Just a lot of change, and as we all know, change is hard.

3. I got a new vehicle!  
I traded in my Prius for a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.  It's a plug-in hybrid.  I just needed more space since there's a lot of stuff that a person with a baby needs to lug around, and I didn't want to sacrifice gas mileage.  I love almost everything about it.  We're still trying to figure out if the drive battery is really supposed to be dead after driving only 20 miles round trip when it was fully charged. 

4. I changed this post from 4 for Friday to 5 for Friday because I literally couldn't thing of more than three things.
I thought I'd share that with you by making that little tidbit the fourth thing.

I hope everyone out there in blog-land is doing well!  Heaven only knows when I'll be back again! :)

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