Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

I'm out of town this weekend, so yesterday and today were the perfect days to share some recipes from my old blog.  I made this for Easter last year, and it was a hit.  You will love it, I'm sure! :)

I'm not sure how I have survived without Pinterest. I'm sure I probably got a lot more accomplished, but then again, I also find a lot of ideas and inspiration. I found this recipe there, and now, the world is a slightly better place. (By the way, the link is directly to the recipe, not the pin. You're welcome.) I plan to take this to share at my family's Easter dinner served with Graham crackers (I still have some after making my Easter treat bags) and Vanilla Wafers.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

Your ingredients
  • 1/2 c. butter
  • 1/4 c. brown sugar, slightly packed
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 8 oz. cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1/2 c. confectioners' sugar
  • 1 c. semi-sweet mini chocolate chips
1. In a medium sauce pan, melt the butter and brown sugar. Whisk together over medium heat until sugar is dissolved.
2. Remove from heat and whisk in vanilla extract.

3. Set aside to let it cool. (The recipe I link you to suggests putting it in the freezer for about 15 minutes if you're in a hurry. I was not in a hurry, so I just parked my rear-end back on the couch for a bit.)

4. OR you can get to work on this step: cream together cream cheese and confectioners' sugar.

5. When it has cooled, slowly pour in the butter/sugar mixture until combined.

6. Stir in chocolate chips.

This will be transferred to a nice bowl with a plate to serve the graham crackers and vanilla wafers.

I definitely had to sample to be sure that it's "safe" to share with my family. It is. :) Can't wait for Easter!

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Kimberly H said...

Oh my goodness...that stuff looks dangerous!!

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