Monday, March 18, 2013

Menu Planning Monday


So I have this problem.

I have NO idea what to make for dinner any more.  I say we have no food.  Scott opens the freezer and says, "We have...." and proceeds to list all of the things that I can clearly see in there.  He then adds, "And that's JUST the freezer." 

Yes, Scott, we have food.

We don't have things to turn into MEALS.

I am a big believer that a good meal has a main dish and a side.  I also know that I need to eat more vegetables and other healthier choices.  While I can't guaruntee the healthy part, I can at least start trying to plan meals.  Then instead of coming home and eating something unsatisfying, a plan will be in place.

Cue Elizabeth from The Young Retiree and Jane from Adventures to Taingamala. They have come up with Menu Planning Mondays.  While I can't promise to link-up every week.  I thought that this week would get me off to a start.


Today, I have a Decor Divas team meeting at my sponsoring designer's house for Celebrating Home. So Scott is on his own.  (He has to work night shift anyway).  I'm not sure what the main course for dinner will be because everyone always brings something to share.  I'm taking my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip. 

(UPDATE: Both school and my meeting were cancelled today because winter will just not go away here in PA. I'm definitely having my dip for dessert. I'm going to try to stick to the plan for the rest of the week and come up with something to eat today...wish me luck!)

Dinner Time Tuesday!  You should come link up.  (Confession.  My post this week will be about something I had for dinner last week.  This is necessary to be able to go live Tuesday evening.) What I'll actually be having? Chili with corn bread
Fish sticks with Velveeta shells & cheese and steamed broccoli
Beef pot roast with potatoes, onions, celery, and carrots.  There may be a side of French or Italian bread involved here.  (Update: When I went grocery shopping, I couldn't find the bread I wanted.  I actually chose a half-loaf of sour dough bread.  It will be delicious!)
Cheese Ravioli with cheesy garlic bread and a side salad
Leftovers.  (It is likely that there will be chili and roast left over.)
Finally, we will finish the week by having Steak Sandwiches with mushrooms, peppers, and onions and a side of chips.
I promise to do my best to stick with this plan!  :)  What are you having this week?
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Kristin said...

So meal planning used to be both easier and difficult for me. At some point (about a 18 months ago), we stopped eating processed food. We don't buy prepackaged stuff. I mean, I do desserts with cake mix, and we buy ice cream, and marshmallows...and whatnot. But aside from salad dressing, marinara (I make own sometimes), salsa, and boxed cereal (which I gave up for Lent and will hopefully never be going back to), I make everything. It was quite a transition. If I make soup, I double it and freeze it. Same with pizza dough. I try to keep enough fresh vegetables on hand so we have a side dish (because I know what you mean there!) for every night of the week.
Now, meal planning is easier because even though it may involve more trips to the store for fresh stuff, it's cheaper when you plan it out and aren't buying prepared foods. It's a little more difficult because I really have to have a plan.
In other words, it's a process and has taken me about 2 years to get to this point. The blog helps and Pinterest is your friend!

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

Great looking menu! I have already had to switch mine since I thought Saturday was one event and Friday was another and they're on the same night! So... We'll have to come up with one more meal, which will probably be hot dogs and salad!
Thanks for linking up!

Jane Adensam said...

Ooo fish sticks. I seriously have't had fish sticks in ages but I was JUST talking about them yesterday. I'm having a serious fish stick craving! Your dinner for Sunday sounds SO good! I'm definitely stealing that one!

Ashley said...

I am just like you -- I think there should be a main course and something on the side. And no matter what I cook, especially lately, I have to cook a vegetable. Even with spaghetti we have something!

Susannah said...

I love planning out my menus! It gives me so much more sanity throughout the week. :-)

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