Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Week 23

Here we are, My Harry Potter Fix: Week 23!  This week, we have our first guest co-host.  My friend, Kristin is here!  She blogs over at K. @ Life's an Adventure!  Please be sure to go over and follow her on GFC, AND you can also check her out on Pinterest

As always, please follow your other hosts and co-host.  Erinn will no longer be co-hosting with us.  (We'll miss you!)  But Kim, Tarole, & I are still here!  Be sure to link up your Harry Potter post!
Now on to Harry Potter.  Kristin submitted these questions, thereby landing herself a co-hosting spot today.  If you have any question or post ideas, please submit them here.  You don't HAVE to guest co-host, but you are certainly welcome!
1. Assuming you were sorted in Harry's year, which character do you think would be your best friend? Why?
This will probably be a popular answer and not surprising on my part, but I think that I would be best friends with Hermione.  First of all I LOVE her character, but I was quite a bit like her in terms of school.  I was a very good student, and anything less than an A was unacceptable and upsetting to me.  I was also a rule follower to a certain degree.  I'm definitely not as brave as she is, but I would totally want her to be my bestie. 
2. Which season at Hogwarts would be your favorite?
I think I would be a fan of fall at Hogwarts just as I am here in the Muggle world.  lol  Fall really is beautiful, and in a place as spectacular as Hogwarts, I'm sure fall would be even more beautiful there!  Plus, I always do enjoy the beginning of a new school year!  (*teacher/nerd*)
3. What class do you think you'd excel in most?
Hmm...good question, Kristin!  I probably would have done well in History of Magic.  Despite the boring class (Thanks, Professor Binns), I love history and, like Hermione, would probably have studied a lot on my own.  I would also like to think that I would be good at Charms & Transfiguration.  :)
4. Would you be involved in any extra-curricular activities at Hogwarts?
Well, as much as I would love to say that I'd like to play Quidditch, since I've never played a competitive sport in my life, that's out.  BUT the Prisoner of Azkaban movie does show Professor Flitwick directing a choir.  That would be RIGHT up my alley!  :)

That's all for this week's questions! 

Next week's questions:
1. Which character would you have liked to have read more about?
2. Is there a character you think was unnecessary in the series?

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Kimberly H said...

Love your answers! Fall is my favorite season too and I think it'd be amazing at Hogwarts :)

Ashley McCardia said...

I agree, Hermione would have been one of my good friends too.

K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

Go Hogwarts Choir! Nose goes on who has to hold the toads... no thanks!!!

Megan said...

I would love to be Hermione's best friend. :)

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