Friday, March 8, 2013


Ok friends, after my angry venting post yesterday, I thought I should give you some positive thoughts.

And, I thought I could use some positive thoughts, too.

So I decided to share some things that are making me happy right now.

In no particular order....

  1. Today is the pajama day that my class earned for collecting Box Tops.  (And I earned it too because I put in over
  2. We will also be served hot chocolate this morning.  Mmmm...
  3. Reading blogs.  I really love keeping up on the details of your lives and what's going on with you.
  4. My husband.  He may drive me crazy at times, but I really love him so much.

     5. Celebrating Home I was so tired last night, but even after my awful day, I found myself up late  
         working on things for my business.  I LOVE it!
     6. My cats, Allie & Abbie.  They're so sweet.  :)
     7. It is Friday.  Thank the good Lord.
     8. It's supposed to be in the 50s this weekend.  Scott & I might break out the motorcycle on
         Sunday, don our leather jackets, and go for a ride. 

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Casey said...

I love PJ day. I always have a huge fear when I pull up in my parking lot at work on PJ day, that I got the wrong spirit day. (I plan them all so that is a silly fear)

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