Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fashion: Julep Nail Polish Review

In March, I became a Julep Maven.  I shared my first Maven Box, and reviewed their foot & hand scrub that I received.

I have finally gotten around to trying out the nail polish from that box.  (And since, I've received my second box.  If I ever have time, I'll share that with you.  Maybe next week.) 

As you may have read yesterday in my "It's Ok Thursdays" post, it's been warm in Pennsylvania, and I was able to wear flip flops this week.  I really don't like wearing open toed shoes without my toenails painted.  So on Monday night, I grabbed my Juelp nailpolish, and quickly painted my nails.  To refresh your memory, this was the first Maven box I received.

I chose to use the color on your left.  I believe it's called Eva.  I honestly had a hard time telling whether it was red or dark pink.  I'll be honest, I still can't completely tell!  haha  I quickly put a drop on a piece of paper, and it looked pink to me.  I'm still going with pink, but I even questioned it myself yesterday.
Either way, I like it.
I love having my nails painted...toenails AND fingernails.  I just hardly ever paint my fingernails because I feel like I have to take so much more time with them, and my right hand always looks like it was painted by a two-year-old because I am just not that coordinated with my left hand!  haha PLUS, I also don't like having to take it off, and chipped fingernail polish (especially in dark colors) doesn't look so nice.  But, toenail polish always seems to last forever on me. 
So anyway, here's what I liked about this nail polish:
1. I only used one coat.  (It says to use two, but it was late, and I felt that one was sufficient.)
2. It dried pretty quickly.  (I played a round of Candy Crush Saga, and they were pretty much dry after that.)
I did use a base coat.  I don't always do this with my toenails, but I do when I'm using darker colors.  I used Sally Hansen's Double Duty Base & Top Coat.  After that dried, I applied one coat of Eva.  I didn't use a top coat.
I'm looking forward to trying my other Julep colors soon!

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Julie said...

I like Julep and was a Julep Maven for a bit but then decided to take a break. I did get some really cute colors though and I love their souffle body cream.

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