Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dinner Time Tuesday 5/21

Ok.  I realize that the last time I posted was Dinner Time Tuesday last week.  Please forgive me.  Before I share some dinner, here are my excuses for slacking in blog land.

Last week, though I shared it on Tuesday, I had dinner on Monday with Kristin and her husband.  I came home, and quickly assembled last week's post because I was so excited about it.  Tuesday night was the Ice Cream Social for the Kindergarten through 3rd grade students at my school.  Long story short, students who demonstrate good behavior and excellent grades get invited to the ice cream social with their families.  I was the main person in charge, and by the time I got home, I was EXHAUSTED.  (AKA...I came home and went to bed.)  I don't really have a good excuse for Wednesday other than just being tired.  On Thursday, I came home and Scott and I took care of some garbage in the garage.  On Friday, I headed to Rochester, New York with two friends from work for an amazing professional development conference about The Daily 5.  It's a teaching structure that is just wonderful.  (Teachers look it up!)  That was all day Saturday plus traveling home.  Then I was gone with my parents and brother to a surprise 50th birthday party on Sunday.

Truth be told, I'm writing this on Monday night. 

If that doesn't sound busy to you....*whew*  I don't know how YOU do it!  :)

Here's a yummy (but healthy!) dinner for you today:

I've shared that I've had chicken salad before.  Usually, that includes french fries.  I was a good girl this time, and kept the fries in the freezer. 

This salad is green leaf lettuce and spinach leaves, 1 chicken breast tender, some chopped up baby carrots, a small handful of croutons, and some poppyseed dressing.  I realize I could probably eliminate the croutons and use a low fat dressing of some sort.  But what fun is that.

Life is too short to not have croutons on your salad.

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Established: 2008 said...

I like your mantra about croutons. And I agree.

Susannah said...

That looks really good. I adore a good salad. :-)

K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

Chicken salad with french fries... yum!!! Have you ever had a salad from Mama Randazzo's near PSU Altoona? If not, you should go there... their chicken salads are awesome.

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