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My Harry Potter Fix: Week 30

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Today we tackle Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  However, I do have some sad news.  Kim, Tarole, and I have agreed to take a break from the My Harry Potter Fix link-up for a little while.  We decided that everyone could use a break as summer approaches.  We FULLY intend to pick back up in the fall.  So please join us one more time, and we all hope to see you this fall!

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I think Prisoner of Azkaban is one of my favorite books in the series.  I also really love this movie.  Here are my likes and dislikes for this one.

~This book is SO important, in my opinion, because it introduces us to Sirius Black.  Harry gets to learn more about his parents and their friends.  I LOVE the shocking revelation that Sirius is not the murderer everyone thought he was.  Imagine Harry's crazy feelings when he goes from hating the man to finding out his godfather is actually innocent!

~I also really enjoy the relationship that Harry builds with Professor Lupin.  Lupin is my favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.  I think it's so wonderful that while he's finding out these supposedly horrible things about Sirius and his parents, he's getting good memories from Lupin.

~Speaking of Lupin being my favorite DADA teacher.  One of my favorite chapters is the lesson with the boggart!  This is where the movie fails us a bit.  I wanted to see more!  They don't do nearly enough of the students' fears before Lupin steps in.  I also really love Neville in this scene!

~I could go on forever, but I'll do one more of my favorite things.  TIME TURNER!!!  I love, love, love the subject of time travel.  I love reading about how certain things happened the first time around because Harry and Hermione went back in time, and I love how they're able to change the fates of two characters.  :)

~Malfoy is such a baby.  What makes me so mad is that if he wasn't so arrogant, he would have believed Hagrid that there is a special approach one must take with Hippogriffs.  And the way he milks the injury like he's dying.  I would've scratched him, too, Buckbeak.  GRRRR....

Oh yeah, and he deserved to get punched by Hermione, too.
~It kills me every time that Pettigrew gets away.  I know that it's important to other stories, but even though they end up saving Sirius, he can't live free.  Which leads to all that pent up anger and devastation in The Order of the Phoenix.  So this is two dislikes in one, I guess.  I hate that Pettigrew escapes, and I hate that Sirius has to go back into hiding.

That RAT. ha. ha.

What are your thoughts on The Prisoner of Azkaban??  Link up below!

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Jo MyGosh said...

The Time Turner continues to be one of my favorite "magical inventions" from the HP series. That and Extendable ears. :-) Thanks for hosting! I was excited to finally be able to participate and link up! :-)

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