Friday, August 16, 2013

Some changes...

I'm sure many of you know that Passionfruit Ads is changing their policy for using their site to get ads on your blog.  I was really disappointed about this.  One of the reasons I moved to blogger was to be able to have sponsors on my blog.

Unfortunately, Passionfruit is becoming a paid service.  In the entire time that I've been on blogger (almost 9 months), I've made only about $1 more than what Passionfruit would start to charge me....monthly....  It's no longer going to be worth it for me.

What I am going to consider is finding a way to set up my own ad shop and collect fees via PayPal.  BUT all of my current, wonderful sponsors, are on my sidebar as a gift from me anyway.  :)  SO chances are that I'll be doing away with my ad shop altogether.

Starting August 27th, all of my Ice Cream Sundae sponsors will be removed from my sidebar.  I want to thank Ashley, Elizabeth, Kristin, Kristin, and Susannah for being there the past couple of months. 

I WOULD still like to do button swaps with people.  Rather than going through any service, it would just be a matter of swapping HTML button codes and adding them to my sidebar manually.  So please, let me know if you want to swap!  :)  At the very least, if you're a blog that I love reading, you will probably find your blog on my sidebar as a recommendation from me. 

Is anyone else out there as disappointed with these Passionfruit changes as I??

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Julie said...

Yes, I've definitely been thinking about it all. I really dislike these changes. :/

Susannah said...

Hey, paypal isn't your only option!!! There's a new site called Adproval that opporates similar to how passionfruit used to. The payments go through Amazon. They're super great to work with and that's how I'm going to start doing mine in September. :-) Head over to my sponsorship tab if you wanna check them out a bit more. I have my shop updated even though I'm not selling them quite yet.

evie1203 said...

I totally agree...sad...

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