Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's New Wednesday?

Did you notice that my "Sponsor" page is back? 

Thanks to a post that Ashley from Being Ashley wrote, I was inspired to recreate my options and open my Ad Shop back up! 

In case you don't feel like clicking the link to my sponsor page, here's what it looks like:

After a hiatus from offering sponsorships (thanks to Passionfruit), I have finally found an option that will work for me.  I looked into a couple of different options, and the best one for me will be to accept payments directly through PayPal.

Your options are listed below:

Ice Cream Sundae
2 spots available/month
Size: 250 x 250
4 social media shout-outs/week
2 posts pinned to Pinterest
Guest post
Baker's Dozen
3 spots available/month
Size: 200 x 200
3 social media shout-outs/week
1 post pinned to Pinterest
Guest post
4 spots available/month
Size: 200 x 150
2 social media shout-outs/week
1 in-post feature
Please note: In order to place your ad on my blog, you will need to e-mail me after you make your purchase with the HTML code with the appropriate sizing for your ad.

Ad Options

So there you have it!  I would love to feature YOU on my sidebar! :) Feel free to contact me with any questions (

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Susannah said...

Yay! I'm excited that you've opened your sponsorship back up. :-)

Sarah Alway said...

When did you first decide to start doing sponsorships? I think about it all the time but I never know when I'll be ready. I feel like I need some more followers first...

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