Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Need Your Help!

As much as I love that spring brings some great things: warmer weather, the end of the school year, green grass, beautiful flowers, etc., I always find that I get super busy this time of year!

Last year, I ended up taking a blogging hiatus around the same time.  I actually wanted to, and I needed it.  This time, my hiatus has been unintentional.  I'm behind on just about everything.

Here's what's been going on lately:


1. Scott and I had an impromptu getaway last weekend.  A casino opened up in Maryland (not far from the PA border).  I'm not much of a gambler, but it was the perfect idea!  We had a great time!  Our room was beautiful!  We got to sleep in a King-size bed, gamble a little, relax, and eat.  It felt like we were so far away from home, but we were only about an hour away.  It's the perfect idea.  And no, I didn't get any pictures.

2.  I'm working really hard to improve my Celebrating Home business!  I want to promote to Director (one of the leadership positions in the company), and I'm also trying to earn enough points for Scott and me to both go!  Most of the time, I find myself working on my business online, and the next thing I know, I haven't gotten anything else done, and it's time to sleep.

3. Four other teachers and I are singing at our elementary school's PTO Talent Show in May.  It's been fun getting to sing before work.  It puts me in a much better mood.  We're singing "Reflection" from Mulan and "Lollipop" by The Chordettes.

4.  Ok, so this post is called "I Need Your Help!"  Let me tell you why.  First of all, Celebrating Home just released an amazing new product called the Oh La Lamp.

The company has given us a challenge to sell 25 by April 30th.  Not only does this help my business financially, but by reaching this goal, I will earn 1000 points toward that cruise I mentioned above! 

As you can see from the picture, we have three styles: Madison, Emma, and Isabella.  The lamps use a 15 watt night light bulb that you can pick up pretty much anywhere.  The fragrance comes from our Aroma Crystals.  These crystals are NOT wax, so they do not melt.  You just pour them in the lamp, and the light makes them pretty and helps to emit fragrance for 30 days.  When you're done, you simply pour the crystals into the garbage and replace with a new jar.  No fuss!  No mess!  Just long lasting, beautiful fragrance. 

We have 23 scents from which to choose, AND you can even mix and match scents for your own fragrance "recipe"!

I just need 14 more people to order their Ooh La Lamps and crystals to help me reach my goal!!  You can help me by clicking here.  This will take you directly to my party page that features the Ooh La Lamps and Aroma Crystals!  You can order and pay online, and everything will ship right to your door!  PLUS when you order an Ooh La Lamp and a jar of crystals, I will throw in a second jar of Aroma Crystals ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Also, when you order, you can enter my Giveaway below.  As a token of thanks, everyone who orders can enter to win a $5 Gift Card to Starbucks!

Will you please help me??

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Kristin said...

A weekend getaway sounds perfect right now! We're so bogged down with school stuff (Scott and I both)…weekends are spent catching up.
The best night's sleep I ever had (2 of them actually) were in king beds in hotels in Missouri.

K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

Sorry I can't afford to help you right : ( I am excited you had a great time at the casino! A and I will have to check it out sometime. : ) And I love that you are singing in your school's talent show. Those are great songs!

Sarah Alway said...

Oh my goodness I would LOVE a little getaway weekend! But I'm scared to go too far from home right now; I know if I do I'll end up going into labor. Good luck with your Celebrating Home stuff!

Julie said...

I've missed your posts! How did the talent show go?

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