Monday, December 22, 2014

Music Monday: The Night Before...the Night Before...the Night Before Christmas

So I might have gotten carried away with the title, but I couldn't resist.  That's where we are on this Monday night, and I'm blogging in real time for a few reasons:

1) I've been scarce around these parts.  I've been trying my best to read and comment on the blogs I love, but writing my own blog posts has not been a priority for me as of late.

2) Today was my last day of work, and I'm officially on Christmas break.

3) I couldn't let it be the Monday before Christmas and not write some more about Christmas music, and this is a post I thought of a couple of weeks ago.

So I was singing away to the Christmas music on my way to work the other day, and I started to think, "If I ever got to record a Christmas album, what songs would I want to sing?"

Here's what I came up with (and in parentheses, I note my favorite versions, where appropriate):

1. White Christmas (Bing Crosby)
2. Merry Christmas, Darling (Karen Carpenter)
3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Judy Garland)
4. Baby, It's Cold Outside (Dean Martin & Doris Day) I would want to sing this with: Blake Shelton or Adam Levine....just to be clear.
5. All I want for Christmas is You (Lady Antebellum)
6. Do You Hear What I Hear (Glee Cast) This version is a gorgeous duet that wasn't featured in the show, and also doesn't seem to actually feature any of the cast members I recognize.  Anyway, I think I'd like to sing it with Lea Michele.
7. Silent Night
8. Santa Claus is Coming to Town
9. Winter Wonderland
10. O, Holy Night

On an impulse, I actually recorded and posted a YouTube video of me singing "O, Holy Night" acapella. 

It is my plan to blog a bit more over the next couple of days, and definitely more over my break from work!

But just in case my plans fall through, I wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! :)


K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

I love that version of "Do you hear..."! The people who sing it were on the Glee project. One is Lindsay Pearce, she had a bit part as "Harmony" who was in a rival show choir, and the other one is the guy who played Unique. Annnnnnd then I stopped watching Glee after this season. haha

I would totally buy your album! : )

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