Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to School Nightmares (aka #teacherproblems)

Those of you who follow me on social media may have seen me mention having back to school nightmares.

In the latest news, I had my first back to school nightmare last night.....‪#‎teacherproblems‬

Recently, I was asked what exactly these nightmares are about.  I don't know what nightmares other teachers have, but I can certainly tell you about mine.  Here are some things that typically happen in my back to school nightmares.

1) No one is listening or paying any attention to what I'm teaching.

2) We'll call them....challenging....students from the past show back up in my classroom

3) Nothing I try to do goes right!

4) Parents come in and yell at me.

I would say those are some of the main things.  They may not sound that bad, but in nightmares, it's all terrifying!  Some of these things DO actually happen in real life, but fortunately, they're not usually as bad as they are in the nightmares!  

Fellow teachers, what are your back to school nightmares about?


Suzanne said...

I have church nightmares sometimes. I get to church and there is no where for me to sit. In one of my dreams I had to sit in the choir loft (and we don't even have a choir loft!). Or I get to church and back my car into a parking space and my car goes out of control, I can't stop it. Weird.

Kristin said...

Usually things being completely unorganized and students not listening and having no plan in place.
I had my first one in June.

Sarah Alway said...

My mom is a teacher and she's always telling me about her back to school nightmares. I actually still have "school" nightmares myself... except mine are always that I'm in college and I forgot to go to class for an entire quarter but I'm there and have to take the final, stuff like that. It's so stressful!

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