Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stuff & Things: Time for Thanksgiving

Stuff, Things, etc.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all enjoying time today with people you love, good food, and full hearts!

I decided to link up with Kristin and Joey today for Stuff & Things, and I thought it was a perfect day to share some things that I'm thankful for.  BUT rather than the regular, boring, "I'm thankful for my husband, family, etc..." (You all know that I am!), I thought it would be fun to share some other things I'm thankful for this year!

1. My cell phone
Seriously, I don't know how I ever survived in life before I had a cell phone.  It is my endless source of connection to the outside world, entertainment, and boredom buster.  I never leave home without it....and if I do, my whole day is off kilter.

2. My FitBit
I love that this validates my life by proving that my daily steps are actually meaningful and that the endless laps around my classroom really are helping me to burn calories.

3. My blankie
I still sleep with my baby blanket, and I'm so glad that I have it.  That blanket brings me comfort and helps me to sleep at night.

4. Books
In both audio and paper format, I love, love, love books.  I love that I can "read" more than one book at a time because one I can listen to as I go about other things in life (like driving to work) and the other I can curl up with on the couch or in bed.

5. Television
Whether I'm binge watching TV shows on Netflix, watching a movies or other TV shows, doing my PiYo workout, or just need some background noise, I would not be able to survive without my TV.

6. Christmas Music
I think it's pretty special that the Christmas holiday has it's own genre of music.  There is a special quality to Christmas music that other songs just don't have.  I don't care what people say about it being "too early" for Christmas music.  I started listening to my collection on the first of October, and I still haven't gotten through all of it yet!

7. Cheat Days
I am doing my best to keep my food intake within my daily calorie limits each day.  With exercise and watching my calories, I have actually lost about 16 pounds and was able to get back into clothes that had gotten too small.  As proud as I am of this, I also really love food, and I simply refuse to be picky about what or how much I eat on Thanksgiving.  :)

8. Boots
Enough said.

So what things are you thankful for this Thanksgiving??


Suzanne said...

I thought you looked tinier in that sweater dress last week. Good job!

Becky Dougherty said...

Thank you! :) I was excited to wear it because it fits right again!

Sarah Alway said...

You still sleep with your blankie?! That is beyond adorable. Love it. Also how DID we function before cell phones??

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