Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Teacher Thoughts: A Little Thank You

Today's "Teacher Thoughts" is short and sweet.

This year, I was once again blessed with some Christmas gifts from my students.  It's always exciting and touching to receive gifts from them.  It's not something that they are required to do, of course, and at my school, our sixth graders switch classes which means they have multiple teachers.  I'm always especially touched when a student from another homeroom brings me a gift because that can be a lot for families to take on!

In fact, this year, there is one homeroom of students that I don't see for a class at all.  One of the students in this class is a girl that I had when I taught first grade.  On our last day before break, she came across the hall with a card and a gift (a bracelet) for me.  I was very moved because I don't see her more than in passing.  It was incredibly sweet for her (and her family) to include me in their gift-giving this season.

This year, over my Christmas break, I wrote out thank you notes to the twelve students who gave gifts to me.  While I always intend to do this, sometimes it just gets lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays (or my incredible gift at being able to sleep at the drop of the hat even if I'm not really tired...).  I just think that it's special and important for them to get a little thank you from me to let them know that I truly did appreciate their gifts.

Are all of the gifts things that I love or will use?  No, not necessarily.  But I'm not ungrateful for getting another coffee mug, and I'm more than grateful that they wanted to bless me this Christmas.  The least I can do is take the time in this busy day and age to hand write a thank you to send home with them.

Fellow teachers, do you write out thank you notes to your students?


Kristin said...

Yes! I write thank-you notes every Christmas. I think I gave out 10-12 this year.
Also, at the end of the year, I'll write thank-yous for any gifts and mail them to the kids when school is out. Last year, I only had one (a SB giftcard and flowers), but I mailed it to the kid the day after school was out.
It's definitely our duty to teach them how to do this because thank-you cards are a lost art but totally necessary.

Jen said...

How sweet that your students give you gifts! I'm sure the thank you notes are so appreciated too.

Jen said...

How sweet that your students give you gifts! I'm sure the thank you notes are so appreciated too.

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