Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Ok Thursday 2/21

It's time for another rendition of "It's Ok Thursdays!"  Before I tell you what's ok with me this week, I would like to let you know that all ads in my shop are now 25% percent off!  On Tuesday, I tweeted that if I reached 25 followers that I would give the discount.  I had 24 followers at the time, and thanks to this giveaway from Tarole and sponsors, I more than doubled!  Use promocode 25PLUS.
So welcome new followers!  I hope to get to know you, and that you will want to stay as readers and not just followers! :)
This week it's ok...
...that we had a snow day.  While it sucks that my Easter break has been drastically reduced, I got A LOT done at home. enjoy an in-service.  We had the best in-service that I have ever attended on Monday.  We had been copies of the book Most Unlikely to Succeed by Nelson Lauver.  He is from a nearby county in Pennsylvania, and the book was so good.  He came to our school to speak on Monday.  First, he retold some of the parts of the book, and it was followed by a Q & A session.  He even autographed our books!  I wish we could do things like that for every in-service!!  (NOTE: I'll be writing a review of his book in an upcoming post.) try.  Even if you don't succeed.  I'll tell you guys now because I love you all.  I went to NYC this weekend to audition for The Voice again.  I didn't make it through, which is really hard to share.  I just find it embarrassing because people assume that you must be bad.  lol.  I promise I'm not.  It just wasn't my time yet. be a nerd.  The best part of being in NYC this weekend was that the Discovery Center had a Harry Potter exhibition.  James & Oliver Phelps (Fred & George Weasley) were there.  We didn't get to see them, BUT we did see actual props from the movies.  They were set up in awesome displays on sets representing the movies.  It. Was. So. Cool!  I wish I had pictures to share, but photography was not allowed.  BOO!
...that we are counting down the days left in school.  Once we hit day 100, it's downhill from there!  (P.S.  We have 77 left.) love Pajama Days!  Sorry Kristin.  My class collected about 900 Box Tops for Education.  Not only did we contribute to our school earning over $1000, but we were in 2nd place on the downstairs floor (K-3)!  We won a pajama day, and we will be served hot chocolate!  Not getting dressed up for work?  Ok in my book!!
What's ok with you this week?
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Kristin said...

While I despise in-service if it's at my school (boring), it's usually interesting if we get to hear a speaker or attend a training with someone from out of Alaska. (There's 44 schools in my district and we usually only get together once or twice a year.)

What I wouldn't give for a snow day...

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I want a snow day, we do not get those in NYC! I found your blog through One Haole Girl February giveaway and I am so glad I did, I love it and I am now following you!

Sparkles and Shoes

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