Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Week 18


It's my first offical "My Harry Potter Fix" as a co-host!  This is seriously SO exciting! 
Don't forget the rules: Grab the button, follow your hosts & co-hosts: Kim, Tarole, Erinn, & Me, link back to us somehow, and most about Harry Potter!
1. If you could be any Harry Potter character, which one would you be, and why?  I have to say Hermoine.  I was very similar to her in school.  I was an overachiever, and I hated any subjects in which I did not excel.  I was certainly more timid about breaking the rules, but even when she's doing so, she is still a voice of reason.  We both love books, and Ron is one of my favorite characters.  Obviously, we know how she feels about Ron. 
2. Favorite single chapter in a Harry Potter book? The Deathly Hallows Chapter 33 "The Prince's Tale.  This is the one that kept coming to mind as I pondered which single chapter was my favorite.  I think that this chapter is incredibly moving, and it finally explains SO many things.  It's as if almost every question I had about Harry Potter was answered in this moment. 

3. What would your ideal class schedule at Hogwarts look like? Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Astronomy, & History of Magic (Despite the boring Professor Binns, I LOVE history!)

Next week's "My Harry Potter Fix": Harry Potter Pins

 Kim, Tarole, Erinn, & I can TOTALLY use your help to create questions for our link-up!  If you have an idea, please submit it below!  You could have a chance to be a guest co-host!! :)

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Kimberly H said...

I would totally want to take History of Magic too - just to learn more about the magical world! I think it would awesome to re-learn history with a magical explanation for most major events. :)

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