Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Story

I realized that I've never shared my "love story" with my blog readers.  Since today is Valentine's Day, and now that I have actual real followers, I thought it would be a great time to tell you how Scott and I became Mr. & Mrs.

It all began in May 2006. 

Well, maybe it began earlier than that.  Scott and I grew up in the same town.  We went to and graduated from the same small school (although, he graduated in 1995, and I graduated in 2001).  Scott's older sister was a friend of my aunt's growing up.  She attended my church, and I had known her my entire life.  We were so close that I used to refer to her as "my other mother" and I was her "other daughter."  Earlier that year, she moved out to Oregon with her daughters to get married.  She asked me if I would fly out to sing at her wedding.

And THAT is where things really began.

Scott's mother is terrified of heights, and therefore, deathly afraid of flying.  His stepfather feels the same, and he flat out refused to fly to Oregon.  Because he didn't want his mom to fly alone, Scott got on the plane instead.

When they first arrived in Oregon, he just assumed that I was a friend of one of his nieces.  Soon, he found out that I was actually there from Pennsylvania to sing at the wedding.  He didn't think much of it...until he heard me sing.  :)  That's how I won him over, friends.

This is me at the wedding seems to be the only picture I have from the wedding on this computer.

After the wedding, we went out with another couple that was part of the wedding.  We had a great time!  VERY early the next morning, I went along to take Scott and his mom to the airport.  I didn't have anything to write on, but I told him my number.  I totally expected him to forget it.  My flight didn't leave until the following day, but we had about a 6 hour drive to Portland to fly home.  While I was still in the Portland airport, my phone rang.  It was Scott!

The rest, as they say, is history. 

Taken in the summer of 2006
At my friend Lindsay's wedding in May 2007
This picture makes me laugh.  This is from a wedding reception in October 2008.
Ocean City, MD Summer 2009
Our legal marriage ceremony on February 15, 2010 with Scott's daughter, Amber
Our Wedding, August 7, 2010
At the Absinthe Lounge in Dallas, Texas in May 2011
At Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas in August 2012
There is certainly A LOT more to our story.  I'll share more's our anniversary! :)

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Kristin said...

I didn't know you had a legal marriage AND a wedding. (maybe I did..?)
Nice to read your story!

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