Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's another Super Saturday!

It's another Super Saturday here at Rebeckann's Random Thoughts & Recipes!  I've got another SUPER list of things for you:

1. Again, I must welcome my SUPER new followers!  So many of you have hopped on board thanks to Tarole's giveaway!  Thank you. :)

2. I've been watching the SUPER show, The Taste on ABC Tuesdays at 8/7c.  On Tuesday night, I won a gift card from Whole Foods thanks to my "snarky" tweets.  No seriously, that's what they said:

It was pretty SUPER to win something.  There is just one problem....the only Whole Foods store close to me is about 2 hours away.....suggestions?

3. I am SUPER excited to have another SUPER sponsor on my sidebar!!  Welcome to Elizabeth from The Young Retiree.  Check her out below:

"Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I write a little blog called The Young Retiree! After getting married and moving to the west coast, I became a stay at home wife, but my retirement has been busier than I thought it would be! I've recently begun living the dream of selling CHOCOLATES through Lindt Chocolates R.S.V.P! YUM! Over on my blog I'm talking all about my main goal of getting healthy this year, my weight loss journey, training for my first 5K, my other huge goal of having a weekly date night with my husband- our crazy adventures and fun times! You'll find random recipes, tips, and tricks in there too!"

Keep up-to-date with Elizabeth!
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Also, stay tuned for a guest post from Elizabeth in the future.  She'll be sharing something chocolately, I'm sure! :)

Don't forget, you can get featured in a SUPER Saturday post, share a guest post, get social media shout-outs, and have the option to participate in a giveway, too!  Just visit my sponsor shop now!

That's all for this week's SUPER Saturday!

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