Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dinner Time Tuesday 4/2: Burritos

It's Dinner Time Tuesday!

As I shared in Monday's post, Scott & I started the diet plan associated with the Insanity program.  However, before I start sharing those meals, I have one left that I wanted to share.

Here's an idea:


I made mine by browning ground beef with a chopped onion.  I drained the beef, and added taco seasoning.  I also bought a can of refried beans and heated those in the microwave.  Then I put the refried beans and meat on a warmed tortilla and topped it with Mexican blend cheese, salsa, and lettuce.

Quick, easy, and delicious!  We love tacos, and this was just a nice twist.  :)
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Kristin said...

Yum! We do this with chicken a lot. And I like just black beans, veggies, and whatnot too all baked up in a burrito.
I'm completely uninspired with my menu plan this week. I think tonight will be stir-fry.

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