Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Week 26

It's Harry Potter time again!  Kim, Tarole, and I just have a few things to ask of you.  First, please follow your hosts.  Link back to one of us in your post.  (You can use our button!)  Post about Harry Potter, and link up your post URL.  Finally, hop around and visit others to see their answers.  (That's MY favorite part!)
So here are this week's questions.
1. Which Harry Potter movie actor would you most like to hang out with for the day? Well, I hate to be predictable, but I'd probably have to say Emma Watson.  She's adorable.  AND she plays Hermione.  Of course, I'd want to hang out with her. 

2. Do you think there should be a television miniseries made in the future based on the books?  Hmmm....I'm going to go with my gut reaction and say yes.  Here's why:  As good as the movies are, there are many things from the books that are left out or done differently.  IF they told every story without leaving out any details, I'd be totally ok with it. 
3. Be honest- do you want to see the movies remade with different actors sometime in the future? No, no, no, no, no, no.  I'm sorry if you would like to see this happen, but I just don't think that there's any reason to mess with perfection.
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Kimberly H said...

Love your answers this week, Becky! When I was first thinking about these for some reason I thought I'd be ok with movie remakes and NOT a tv miniseries....but as I wrote my post my stance kind of flip-flopped. I'd kind of prefer to just keep everything the way it is now (unless J.K. write a prequel...) but I think you're right that hopefully a tv series would be able to leave less out than the movies did IF it were to happen.

Julie said...

The linky thing isn't showing up. Dang. Well, here is the link to my post. :)

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