Monday, August 12, 2013

Random Monday Ramblings...

I will start by saying that I do have some blog post ideas, but none of them are ready to share.  I plan to write a post with before and after pictures of my classroom, but I'm not even close to finished with the after.  So that will be later.  I also want to show you this really fun way to tie a scarf.  This requires me to make and post a vlog.  Since I'm lucky that I even get dressed each day, I want to wait until I look especially nice for all of you.  AND I received my first prize package from Influenster.  I won two of the brand challenges from the VoxBox I got a few months ago.  This one was from Oasis+. 

So that's what's coming.

What other random things can I share with you.....?

-Scott and I really, really, really need to go grocery shopping. 

This adorable kitty (Allie) likes to watch me cook.  Every time I go to the kitchen, she hops up on the counter and meows at me!

-I am wondering why I have my busiest two weeks of the summer during the last two weeks of my summer.
-I spent way too much money at Maurice's in the last week.  I got some great new pieces.  I couldn't resist wearing one of my new dresses to church today.  Picture to follow in an upcoming style post. 
-Stay tuned tomorrow for Dinner Time Tuesday!  (And come link up! :) )

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Bekah Walsh said...

Thanks for linking up and congrats on winning the boxes. What is the second one you won?

Susannah said...

Don't you find that it's so difficult to go grocery shopping? I never want to go after work but I also don't want to go during the weekends cuase I want to hang out with Nate. We don't need food, right? ;-)

K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

A and I finally went grocery shopping this evening! It was long overdue for us too... surprisingly we didn't spend too much money for how long it's been. Also, I need to go to Maurice's... I haven't done any back to school shopping this year. Not that I don't have any clothes to wear... but it's always nice to have a new first day outfit!

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