Monday, September 30, 2013

Skirtember: Last Week!

The last week of Skirtember has arrived.  I want to thank Kristin and Chantal for hosting Skirtember for us!  I have had so much fun challenging myself to wear skirts and dresses this month.  To see what I've been wearing, you can review Week 1, Week 2, Week 3.

Technically, today is the last day of September, and I will be wearing a skirt today, too.  I'll share my very last Skirtember outfit either later this week or next Monday.  I haven't decided yet.

Here's what I wore this week:

Day 23- September 23rd

I didn't wear a skirt this day.  Scott and I were on our way home from the Pittsburgh Steelers/Chicago Bears game on Sunday night.

Day 24- September 24th

Shirt: Maurice's // Skirt & Leggings: Old Navy (the skirt is super old) // "Wrap Me Up in London" Scarf: Penelope Ann // Boots:
Day 25- September 25th

Entire outfit brought to you by Old
Wednesday was school picture day.  Even as a teacher, I still tend to dread this day.  lol  I ordered this entire outfit from Old Navy.  I love their "Outfits We Love" section of the website.  I totally copied this and one other outfit from head-to-toe.  Totally makes life easier. :)

Day 26- September 26th

Camisole: Maurice's // Jacket & Shoes: Old Navy // Dress: Body Central (old) // Leggings: Khol's
Day 27- September 27th

Dress down day.  Jeans, jeans, jeans.  :)

Day 28- September 28th

We had a wedding on Saturday.  I don't have a picture because I literally wore my school picture day outfit again.  Glad I did laundry.  :)

Day 29- September 29th

Ok friends, after the wedding, I was out with friends to celebrate a birthday.  I'm lucky to even have gotten out of bed.  SO there was no skirt.

Overall, I think I've done really well! 

  • only 9 days without wearing a skirt or dress (mostly Fridays & Saturdays)
  • repeated 2 outfits exactly
  • wore 1 dress twice but in different ways
  • A total of 18 different outfits
How did your Skirtember go?  Did you have as much fun as I did?? Link up with Kristin & Chantal to let us know! :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun event announcement!!
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Susannah said...

I love your September 25th outfit!!!

Chantal said...

You did awesome!! Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

I love Day 25! So polished and perfect :) Of course you look gorgeous in all of them.

Casey said...

You are amazing! I sucked big time. Boo me. Yay you!

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