Monday, September 16, 2013

Skirtember Week 2

Another week of the Skirtember challenge has gone by!  If you've been keeping up with me on Instagram or Twitter, I've been sharing some of my outfits for the week.  The picture I take depends on where my husband happens to be sleeping.  If he's upstairs, I use my regular camera downstairs.  If he's downstairs, I use my iPhone upstairs.  You just never know.

In case you missed it, here's how things went for me last week.

Here are my outfits for this week:

Day 9- September 9th

Jacket & Dress: Old Navy // Leggings: Kohl's // Scarf: Street vendor in NYC // Boots: // "Twist & Turn" Earrings: Penelope Ann
I've been dealing with extreme temperatures in my classroom.  I couldn't be totally sure what things would be like so I wore this short-sleeve dress with leggings, boots, and a jean jacket.  I figured if I was warm in my room I could lose the jacket.  I did wear it for the morning, but it really started to warm up by the afternoon.

Day 10- September 10th

Dress & Cardigan: Old Navy (Also wearing navy flip flops from ON)
On Tuesday, temperatures soared to the high 80's here in PA, and I was actually too warm in this outfit.  My classroom was stuffy and warm.  Unfortunately, I couldn't take off the cardigan because the straps, though wide, were not wide enough to be worn to school.

Day 11- September 11th

This outfit is old and some of the pieces were given to me by a friend, but I like it! :)

Day 12- September 12th

Cardigan: Old Navy (I think) // Dress: AVON- Mark Collection
Day 13- September 13th

I didn't wear a skirt or dress to school because it was Dress Down Day, BUT when I got home I got changed and Scott & I headed to the 80's Prom!!

So I did manage to squeeze in a skirt on Friday.  I'm rocking the leg warmers, too.  You get a peek of one there at the bottom of this photo. 

Here's a bonus shot:
Scott went for 80's prep.  :)
Day 14- September 14th

No skirt.  I was in my sweats all day.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  ;)

Day 15- September 15th

This it my first repeat of the month.  I wore it last week, and my picture didn't show the jean jacket.  It was chilly.  (After having temperatures in the high 80s earlier in the week, we've been in the 60s and very low 70s with cool air since Friday.  So everything seems much colder.)  Anyway, people at church hadn't seen this outfit yet, so I decided to wear it again. 

So there's my week 2 of Skirtember!  Looking forward to this week of the challenge! :)

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Susannah said...

I love your outfits - especially the one for 80's prom. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love all of these outfits! Kudos for finding a way to wear a skirt most days this month...that's impressive!

Kristin said...

I wore skirts 4 days last're doing better than me! (My classroom is FREEZING too)

Chantal said...

Love the colors!!

Thanks for linking up!

Casey said...

You are rocking the challenge! Way to go!

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