Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Week 31

Welcome to My Harry Potter Fix!  This week, Kim, Tarole, and I are sharing our thoughts on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  When we started talking about the books/movies this in the spring, I talked about things I like and dislike about each one, so I'm going to continue that.  Before I do...
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~The Quidditch World Cup!  It's super fun that Harry travels by Portkey for the first time.
~The Triwizard Tournament is incredibly exciting!  Each event is action packed and vividly described.
~This story introduces us to other Wizarding schools.  I have to admit, I was surprised when I read this book, and discovered that there were other schools out there.

 ~ My favorite event in the Triwizard Tournament is the second task.  I love that Harry truly believed that he needed to try to save all of the people that were under water.  Sure, maybe he should've realized that Dumbledore and the other teachers wouldn't actually let something happen to these students, but it shows what an amazing character he is. 

~The Yule Ball is just lovely.  Christmas is beautiful enough, but this just makes it better!  Hermione is just gorgeous at the Cinderella! :)

~I do NOT like the fact that this is the book where Voldemort truly comes back because this sends us into my least favorite book (which I've made quite clear in the last 31 weeks) The Order of the Phoenix.
~While I have no strong feelings toward Cedric Diggory (and am even less impressed that he was portrayed by Robert Pattinson in the movie), I don't like that Harry has to witness his death.  That event weighs on Harry, along with no one believing him about Voldemort, and that whole mess with Cho Chang.
I know just enough about Twilight to know that this is funny.  Never read the books, never will.  Saw part of the first movie...stupid.  Sorry, I'm not sorry.
~I want to smack Ron in this movie.  The fact that he gets angry at Harry and doesn't believe that HIS BEST FRIEND is not lying about putting his name in the Triwizard Cup is just infuriating.  And his behavior at the Yule Ball is pitiful.  Shame on you, Ron.  You deserve to wear those silly dress robes.
~I don't like that the movie changes the character who gave Harry the Gillyweed for the second task of the tournament.  Why was it necessary to have Neville give it to him instead of Dobby?  Maybe just for this:
Well, I suppose that's enough for this week!
What do you think of The Goblet of Fire??  Link up below!

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Kimberly H said...

Great points! Ron truly is a prat in Goblet of Fire for most of the book, and that's one of the most painful parts of the whole series for me. Ron is usually such a good friend, and it sucks that he abandons Harry and Harry has no one but Hermione to believe him for most of this book. I've also never understood why seeing the dragons changes Ron's mind.

I'm glad you're so on top of things with posting - I really need to start scheduling these ahead of time. Stupid school...

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