Friday, January 31, 2014

January Review

Can you believe it's the last day of January??  2014 is already flying by!  I thought I would start a monthly post with my blog details for the month.

 photo blogreview_zps11c1c756.jpg
Page Views: 3, 057
Popular Posts:
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2. Lasagna (This is still my #1 all time post.)
3. Happies & Crappies (from 1/10)
4. Happies & Crappies (from 1/24)
Top 5 Search Keywords:
1. glee funny
2. glee funny pictures
3. 1000 steps Pennsylvania historical...
5. "mom to her seat"
Top 5 Referring Sites
Top 5 Page Views by Country:
1. United States
2. Russia
3. Germany
4. Malaysia
5. Canada


Sarah Alway said...

No, I absolutely cannot believe that January is over, and it's kind of freaking me out a little bit!! This is a great way to review your monthly stats, I might end up copying this if you don't mind!

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