Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

It's cold.

REALLY cold.

Yesterday, I was so cold at one point, I decided to go change into my PJs.  I put on a pair of my Long Jane pajamas from Victoria's Secret and then put sweat pants and a sweatshirt over them.  I had on a regular pair of white socks with warm fuzzy ones on top, and THEN I drank a yummy cup of warm gingerbread flavored tea.

This isn't the pair I was wearing, but I DO have this set.  :)
So I'm home from school today.  (Sorry, Sarah...)  Our pipes are frozen, which  means I currently have no water.  Awesome.  Good thing the potato soup I'm planning to make for dinner doesn't need water.  (I'll be sharing the recipe soon!)  On the bright side, I don't have to do the laundry like I planned.

I just watched The Grammys from Sunday night.  You know you're a blogger when you "take notes" during award shows that you want to post about.  Take a wild guess what Monday's Music Monday post will be about...

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What's going on with YOUR Tuesday??


crazyperfectlife said...

My Tuesday is nice and clam! Its so cold here! But I am so lucky that our pipes haven't frozen yet!! Hope that they don't bust! That can always be a mess!

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

I didn't watch The Grammy's but I have seen several clips from them and have had mixed emotions about each scene I've seen. So sorry to hear about your pipes! I'm hoping that doesn't happen to Nan with the cold weather headed her way!
My Tuesday has been filled with a whole lot of NOTHING! Lazy, catching up on blogs, and catching up on the DVR!

Casey said...

It's been unusually mild around here, with very little rain. I'm sure we will be hating the fact that there is really no snow pack this summer, but right now I am loving our weather. Hope it warms up for you!

Rachel Ross said...

Those pjs are so cute!! I am so over the cold weather..gah!!

Susannah said...

Your day sounds kinda awesome. I love it being cold out if it means I get to snuggle up at home. Unfortunately that doesn't happen here. PLUS you got the day off??!?!? Yeah, I'm jealous!

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