Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Vacation: Nashville Part 4

While we were in Nashville, we picked up some brochures about various tours and activities to do.  There were a few different types of Ghost Tours that we could take, and we chose the Haunted Tavern Tour that took us to various pubs and bars near Broadway.

We were encouraged to bring cameras and to take lots of pictures in the hopes that you might capture a ghost or at least some orbs.

We began at a place called Past Perfect.  Our tour guide told us some of the history of the building and Nashville, and he mentioned the ghosts that have been spotted there.

A girl named Maria has been spotted in this mirror

Maria is also said to play on the steps.

There are also gentlemen in top hats that sit at this table playing cards.
Then we went to BB King's Blues Club.  We ended up going down to the basement area where there have been ghost sightings.

The name of the last bar is escaping me, but our tour guide told us a pretty eerie personal experience he had.

He was giving a tour, and two women came out of the restroom and told him he needed to go in.  He went in and saw an apparition in the mirror.  Needless to say, he freaked out and abruptly exited the restroom.  The women confirmed that they saw the same thing.

So I went into the bathroom, turned out the lights, and tried to capture the man in the mirror.  Unfortunately, there's only me.  Then I freaked myself out, and bolted out of the room!  Haha

It was definitely a fun experience, and we got to learn a lot about the history of Nashville.  Our tour guide also played trivia between stories.  The winning team won a set of shot glasses.  We were not the winners.  We kinda sucked at trivia. haha

I would definitely recommend a ghost tour if you ever visit Nashville! :)


K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

That would freak me out too! : ) I don't see any figures or orbs in your pictures, though. :-\

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