Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why I failed the #100happydays challenge...

I know many of you have done (or seen) the Instagram challenge "100 Happy Days."  Back in March, I decided to give this a go myself, and posted the challenge picture.

For starters, I would like to clarify that I didn't fail this challenge because I couldn't find things to be happy about.  I'm not a depressing person, and I try not to harp on the negative parts of life.  I started out ok.

This was the first day of the challenge. My cousin's daughter, Vivien, woke up from taking a nap during church, and she let me cuddle with her for a bit.

I posted every day for the first 7 days.  

Then I forgot.

I picked up where I left off, and posted for a few more days in a row.

Then I forgot again.

Actually, looking back just now, I didn't do too badly at first.  I'd forget for a day or two in a row, and then I'd remember the next several days in a row.  Sometimes, I know I didn't just forget, but rather, I wasn't sure how to take a picture of something happy.

THAT became the real failure.  I think Instagram is great.  I just honestly don't post on there very often.  

Something that drives me crazy is technological clutter.  I hate it when the DVR is getting full with shows we haven't watched yet.  I try to keep my e-mail inbox as clear as possible--saving only necessary e-mails, and deleting them as soon as they are no longer needed.  I try to get pictures off of my phone if they're not essential, if I don't feel the need to have them on there, and/or if they've already been uploaded to the computer AND printed out.  So taking pictures of random things like 


kind of drives me insane.

And there are some kinds of happiness that you just can't take a picture of: being grateful to be alive, surviving another work day, the peacefulness of resting, etc.

So basically, I must say, I admire those of you who were able to take this challenge, and make it work for you.  I did learn that I don't need to post a picture on Instagram to prove I was happy each day....furthermore, I KNOW that there were some days I didn't post because I just wasn't feeling the happy.  That's ok, too.  We're allowed to have bad days!  I may have found some glimmer of happy each day, but it might not have been picture-worthy or even picture take-able!

And that, my friends, is why I failed the #100happydays challenge.

Did anyone else try and fail??  How about success stories??


Rachel Ross said...

I know if I had tried I would forget a ton! But I admire those who do it! And I hate picture clutter on my phone too! Drives me nuts!!

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

I failed! I did good for about 80 days! I think the days I failed were when I couldn't pick "just one" thing to use as my happy moment, and then like you said, not being able to photograph what was making me happy, I have been focusing on happiness and reflecting personally at the end of every day on at least one thing that made me happy, or grateful that day, and I think privately doing that has meant more to me than publicly sharing it!

Kristin said...

I could barely keep up with the 1 month challenges. Like you, I hate insignificant pictures clogging up my IG feed.

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