Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I Love Clothes

By no means do I consider myself a fashion blogger.  I have done the occasional outfit post or talked about things I love, and I'm good with that.

Not long ago, Chantal from Scattered Seashells, posted about Stitch Fix.  As soon as I was done reading her post, I immediately went over to the Stitch Fix website to fill out my style profile!


In case you don't know (because I didn't), this is how Stitch Fix works.  You fill out your style profile that includes information about your body (height, weight, sizes) and style preferences.  You can also link up a Pinterest board that reflects your style.  Each month, you pay $20, and your personal stylist selects 5 pieces to be sent to you.  You try everything on, and buy whatever you want.  If you buy all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount.  Whatever you don't want, you toss in the pre-paid shipping bag, and put it in the mail.  The $20 you've already paid is deducted from the cost of any of the items you purchase.

You can select to have your Fixes shipped as often as every 2-3 weeks, once a month, or every other month.  As much as I would love to have a new box every month, I didn't want to go over board, so I've opted for bi-monthly.

My fix came with an envelope that contained directions for the process, a note from my stylist, a list of all the pieces with the prices for each one (and the total for choosing them all), and styling cards for each of the pieces included in the Fix.

This the blouse I ended up choosing.  The styling card has great suggestions for how to dress it up or dress it down.

Here's how I wore it for a day of outlet shopping with my friend Kim.  It is a tad low in the front, which I would wear for a night on the town, but for day, it needed a tank underneath.  I wore black flip flops, and my new bracelet from Ashley Bridget.

I really did like almost all of the pieces in my first fix.  The only thing I didn't like was a faux pearl bracelet.  (Pearls are just not my thing.)  There was a sheath dress that would have been perfect if not for the horizontal stripes.  The other dress bloused on top and didn't look quite right on me, and I really loved the other top that they selected for me, too.  It was a white, casual, light-weight, 3/4 sleeve sweater, but I could get something similar for much less in price.

My next Fix is scheduled to ship on September 5th, and I'm so excited!

Do you want to get in on the action??  You can!  And you can help me get credit toward clothes when you get your first fix.  Just click here to use my referral link!

Anyone else out there tried Stitch Fix already?  What did you think?


Kristin said...

I canceled my Stitchfix back in March because it was just "one more thing" I didn't feel like paying for. I'll probably start it back up if Scott deploys again because it'll be a nice little treat.
I love the shirt! Perfect for work too.

Ashley McCardia said...

I have always wanted to try Stitch Fix! I love all of your bracelets, and pearls are not my thing either. You look great!

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