Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Book Review: Reshaping it All

I got two books for Christmas this year, and the first one I decided to read was Reshaping it All by Candace Cameron Bure.  I honestly just didn't feel like typing a review about it.  So I made a vlog for you all!

I may actually try to do book reviews like this in the New Year.  I felt like I was able to share more, and it was easy to do pretty much right after I finished reading the book.  This way, I don't seem to forget all of the brilliant things that I want to say about the book because I don't have time to write a post.  This was quick and easy!

I've decided to share this book with one of you!  I loved it, but to me, it's not one of those re-readable books.  Please remember, as I said in the video, my mom had a hard time finding this for me for Christmas.  So the book is large print, and it used to belong to a library somewhere.  But whatever, a book is a book, right?!   So anyway, please enter to win! :)


Julie said...

For me a big motivator is how I feel when I treat my body right.

Elizabeth, The Young Retiree said...

First and foremost: I love that you did a vlog for your review! How perfect to hear you talking about it and to see you flipping through to show different parts of it! I have her other book "Balancing It All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose" in my wishlist and I might add this one in as well! Sounds really good- and I LOVE HER!
Obviously I have quite a bit of weight I would like to lose and I'd love to hear more about her approach! Sounds like something I try to do and that the 21 Day Fix is helping me with- treat yourself, but take away something else (for example, you can replace three starches each week with treats) so you don't overdo it. I'm like you- I love sweets, and I allow myself to have them as treats here and there because if I deprive myself, I will sit in the dark watching tv eating bags of milano's before I know what happened!
I'm so glad I am catching up on my blog reading and caught this one!

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