Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stuff & Things I Want for Christmas

Stuff, Things, etc.

I thought it would be fun to link up with Kristin & Joey today for Stuff & Things!  I decided to share some things on my Christmas wish list this year!

1. Books- I asked for a ton of books this year.  In fact, I was killing time in Barnes & Nobel one day, and I just grabbed my phone and started making a list of books I wanted.

2. Alex and Ani bracelets- I'm obsessed with these!  I just started my collection.  So far, I have the "B" initial.  I have a September birthstone and the elephant one on their way.  I also have a similar bracelet from Jewelry in Candles.  Theirs are called Crysalis.  The one I chose has a Christmas tree on it.  I liked this picture because I thought it looked pretty, but I only want the bracelets in silver.

3. Miller Throwback Jersey- Make fun if you must, but I think the Throwback Jerseys (aka Bumblebee jerseys) are fun!

4. Victoria's Secret The Dreamer Henley Pajama- I have 2 pairs of these already.  My newest pair came with a sleep mask and fit better than the first pair (my first pair is too big).  They are super cute and comfy!  I like this color, as well.

5. iTunes gift card- I have a bunch of music I would like to download.  I didn't want to go overboard, so I asked my brother for either the albums or an iTunes gift card so I could download them myself.

6.  Remote Car Starter- Seriously.  There is nothing more irritating than running out to start my car before leaving for work.  It's not just about liking to have a warm car when it's cold out.  In winter time, it's usually a necessity to heat up the windshield to more easily rid it of snow and/or ice before driving.  I will typically throw on whatever shoes are handy and run out to start it, but when it gets REALLY cold, I need to bundle up, go out, start the car, take off the bundling, finish getting ready, bundle back up....Get my point?

What is on your wish list this Christmas?


Cara Owens said...

A remote car starter would be so great! I hate nothing more than having to go outside in the cold to start my car-haha.

Kristin said...

I like my remote start. They were a necessity in Alaska so we just always assume we need them now. Kind of illogical.

I haven't been in an actual bookstore in years. I order everything online or I go to the library. Books are so hit or miss for me that I rarely buy them anymore.

Sarah Alway said...

Well, you already saw my list, but what are some of the books on your list? I already have so many I want to read, but I always like to add more!

Micah said...

I got a remote car starter a few years ago for Christmas. It's still my most favorite thing.

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