Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What I'm Watching Wednesday

Something else I'm pretty sure that I love about fall is the premiere of new seasons of TV shows!

Here's what I've been watching lately:

Michael Weatherly left NCIS at the end of last season to pursue other career opportunities.  Apparently, Bull was this opportunity.  I love him and his character, Tony DiNozzo, so I had to check out his new show.  After seeing the first show, I definitely want to watch more.  I enjoyed seeing him in a different kind of role, and I'm interested to see where it goes from here, and how Dr. Bull develops as a character.

I started watching Dancing with the Stars last season since Jodi Sweetin (from Full House and now, Fuller House) was one of the contestants.  I fell in love with the show!  Unlike singing shows that make me furious and are sometimes painful to my ears, this is a fun, low-stress show for me because I know diddly squat about dancing.  There's definitely a great cast this season including some of my favorites: Maureen McCormick ("Marcia Brady") and Gold medal Olympian, Laurie Hernandez.

Did anyone else watch this 2-Part mini series??  I was in middle school when JonBenet was murdered, and so I obviously remember hearing about this all of the time.  I thought it was a really intriguing, well-done documentary.

I've always liked Kevin James, and I loved him as Doug on King of Queens.  So I thought I should check out the debut of his new sitcom.  I liked the first episode, but I don't know if I'm going to love it.  The hard part about sitcoms is they have less than 30 minutes to make you fall in love.  It will probably take a few more tries for me to form a solid opinion.

This show is an exception to my list in that it just wrapped up its season instead of starting it.  Big Brother 18 was a great season!

SPOILER ALERT (In case you for some reason have still not caught up on the finale.)  Highlight the text to continue reading as I've done it in white to avoid ruining any one's day:   Big Brother 16 Veteran contestant, Nicole, and one of my personal favorite players, WON BIG BROTHER 18!!  I literally screamed when she won (and scared my poor cat off the bed)!  Not only has it been years since a female contestant won Big Brother, but Nicole also made Big Brother history by becoming the first female contestant to win when up against a male contestant in the final two.

While I would have ultimately been happy with any of the final six contestants winning, I was supremely happy with the outcome.

SO that's what I've been watching lately!

Still on the DVR:
-NCIS Season 14 Premiere
-Blue Bloods Season 7 Premiere
-"Once Upon a Time: Evil Reigns Once More" & Season 6 Premiere
-NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Premiere

What I hear that I should probably watch:
This is Us

What have you been watching this Premiere Season??

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