Thursday, December 8, 2016

Stuff & Buy Your Child's Teacher

Ok.  I'm copping out here, but today, I was totally thinking about this post I wrote last December.  And I thought, "I should share that for Stuff & Things this week."

And then I forgot that it was actually Thursday.

I was mid-sentence with my students today, talking about what they would be doing tomorrow, and I stopped to say, "Wait, tomorrow is Friday, right?"  Fortunately, tomorrow is Friday.

I digress.

Christmas is coming up, and I have to say that I have had more than one friend who has contacted me over the years and asked what kind of gift they should buy for their child's teacher.  I'm always happy to share my thoughts based on gifts that I have received in the past.

Remember, it is never necessary or required to buy your child's teacher a gift.  But it is a very nice gesture that makes us feel genuinely grateful and appreciated.

Here's my original post.

Stuff, Things, etc.


Kristin said...

Here, everyone usually gives Starbucks cards because when you live in suburbia, the world runs on Starbucks.
I don't necessarily WANT anything or expect anything...however, candy is not a good option and I admit I do end up throwing a lot away. I do still have two little air plants from last year though.

Sarah Alway said...

My mom is a teacher and she honestly loves all the gift cards she receives. It means that she doesn't have to feel guilty about Starbucks purchases for the rest of the year! :-)

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