Thursday, February 16, 2017

Stuff & Things 2/16

Stuff, Things, etc.

Before I begin, I realized that I never shared here Baby's gender!

Today, I am 26 weeks into my pregnancy, and now that I'm over halfway into this journey, there are some things that I've discovered about being pregnant.

1. Being asked, "How are you feeling?" is really annoying.
First, I know people are asking out of genuine kindness.
Second, I have asked many a pregnant friend or colleague this same question multiple times throughout her pregnancy.
BUT what I didn't fully grasp is that I'm not the only person who was asking that question.  Now, I'm understanding how draining that question can be.  Walking into school, I may be asked by two or three people (especially if they're colleagues I don't see on a daily basis) how I'm feeling.

The truth is that I AM feeling pretty good!  Things are going well, and other than being worn out by the end of the day, I'm mostly ok.

2. It's amazing how many times a person can need to go to the bathroom.
One second all is well, the next second, Baby Boy is dancing on my bladder.  I am grateful that I teach 6th graders because it's much easier to leave them for two minutes to run to the restroom.

3. People are quick to remind you that parenting isn't all sunshine and rainbows.
Last week, Kristin wrote a post about her least favorite comment. In my comment on the post, I mentioned that my current least favorite comment is "Just you wait."  This comment follows a story or vent by a parent about some crazy or annoying or awful thing her child(ren) has done.

I know that parenting isn't all sunshine and rainbows.  I'm a teacher for goodness sake.  Some of those things I know just simply from encountering people's children on a daily basis.

But this IS an exciting time in my life, and I'd like to hear, "Just you wait." after some heartwarming story that is told about your kids.

4.  Feeling your baby move is absolutely amazing!
I love it when Baby Boys is moving around in there.  There's starting to be more in the way of kicking now, which is fun.  I love that Scott can now feel that movement.  He's finally starting to believe that there really is a baby in there!  haha

5. Leggings (I obviously didn't just discover these, but I have a new appreciation for them).
I am beyond thankful that it's legging season.  I've invested in quite a few maternity tops, but I only bought 3 pairs of maternity jeans (which are practically like leggings themselves since they don't involve zippers or buttons).

6. Sometimes, you get out of doing things.
People don't ask you to carry stuff.  They let you sit down more.  People are ok with your house being a disaster because you have "an excuse" for being too tired to get it done.

These are things I can totally live with.


Jane said...

Eeeek!!! A little baby boy!! Congratulations! I am so so so so so excited for you! <3

Ericka @ A Quiet Girl's Musings... said...

This was a very interesting read fro me bc I've never been pregnant. I can see where it would get old being asked the same question over and over as well as being inundated with not-so-fabulous parenting tales. Some people, unfortunately, just can't keep it light and positive.

Just you wait - you're in for quite an amazing adventure, I'm sure! ;)

Have a great weekend. Visiting from Stuff & Things linkup.

lindsay ropchock said...

Just you wait until he's born and people ask when you're going to have a girl.....sorry, I had to. But that is the worst thing, and it's worse after having two girls. Lately, with as much time as we spend at cheer, I'm glad that I have two girls and don't have to worry about taking a boy to a different activity LOL.

And for another - just you wait until he wraps his little arms around your neck, kisses you (it will be ridiculously wet), and says "I love you." It's indescribable.

<3 Linds

Sarah Alway said...

I love this post, it's so spot on! Especially about the leggings (which are still currently the only thing I'm wearing) and the using pregnancy (and in my case, kids) to get out of stuff, LOL. Glad you're feeing great and congrats on a baby BOY!

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