Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Ok Thursday 1/24

I am really glad it's Thursday.  In fact, I'm so glad that it's Thursday, it almost seems like Friday.  I don't know why I'm so happy for Thursday.  Maybe it's just because tomorrow definitely IS Friday.
It's be glad it's Thursday! :)
It's be super hungry but not know what you want to eat. 
It's be cranky because you're hungry and don't know what you want to eat. 
It's be a little confused.  I've had a strange couple of weeks. 
It's ok...if you actually want to read the book that was assigned for the next teacher in-service day.  (The author of the book is coming to speak at our school in February.  The book isn't a boring, text-book kind of book.  It's actually a memoir.  So far, it's really good!)
It's hate winter.  It's SO cold here.  Supposedly the fact that it's 23* today should feel "warm" since it was 10* yesterday.  (In case you're wondering, it does NOT feel warm.)
It's hate winter, but to love 2 hour delays.  Because of the insane cold we've had here, we had a 2 hour delay on Tuesday AND Wednesday.  Thanks, below zero windchills.  (P.S.  I'm a much happier teacher at 10:30 AM than I am at 8:30 AM.)
What's ok with you this week?


Twenty Something said...

I am VERY jealous of your two-hour delays. And that you start at 8:30 AM. Our district is weird in that our elementary schools start before the secondary ones... two of them let students in at 7:20 and start at 7:45, and two let them in at 7:30 and start at 7:50. Yechhhh.

Casey said...

I have been waiting for a two hour delay all winter. We start first period at 7:40, with the teachers contract time starting at 7:15. So freaking early!

Kristin said...

I let myself get flat out "hangry" every day at school. It's awful. I need a better strategy. They don't have 2 hour delays here. If they did that, they'd never have to cancel school. They're too dumb to understand the logic of a 2 hour delay.

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