Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

This winter weather totally sucks.  Last week, we had two 2 hour delays because it was so cold.  The last two days were in the high 50s.  It rained ALL DAY yesterday, finishing off the remaining snow.  Overnight, that lovely rain turned back to snow. 

Is it spring yet??  Scott and I are going to Gobbler's Knob (the home all the famous Pennsylvania groundhog "Punxutawney Phil") tomorrow night.  Bright and early (and in the extreme cold) on Saturday morning, he shall tell us if spring is coming sooner rather than later.  (Disclaimer: I actually hate Groundhog Day, and in no way do I think that stupid groundhog can predict the weather.  I am only going because I love my husband.  He doesn't "believe" in all that weather predicting either.  There's drinking involved starting Friday night.  Enough said.)

So anyway...

This week it's ok.... start a Facebook page for your blog.  (Check out my brand-new page here!) hate winter. go to bed early.  I am heading there shortly after the publishing of this post.  I don't know when I'll be sleeping again after tonight....hopefully, I'll be able to catch a nap before watching a groundhog predict the weather. fall in love with blogging.  I have always enjoyed it, but now, I really do love it.  I love the connections I'm making with people I've never met in person!  I have also found such support and encouragement with my blogging goals.  It's all so exciting!

...that this is a short list of things that are "ok". 


Kristin said...

I took a half day yesterday and a half day today. Tomorrow's gonna be rough.
Someone found out I was from PA yesterday and asked if I'd "seen the groundhog?!?!".

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