Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's time for another edition of "It's Ok Thursdays..."

This week:
It's ok...that I successfully only wore "real" pants 3 days this week.  I LOVE leggings.

It's make a big dinner that only you end up eating.

It's go a little crazy stocking up on new clothes.

It's ok...that I could crawl into bed and go to sleep.  RIGHT.  NOW.

It's ok...that a 5 day work week feels like eternity.  (Although, there is a possibility of a delay tomorrow.  But it would actually totally screw up my whole day.)

It's celebrate the 100th day of school a day early (tomorrow) because having a celebration on a Monday is similar to cruel and unusual punishment for a teacher.

It's ask for help.  I had 5 Celebrating Home parties scheduled for February, and because of people rescheduling, I only have 2 right now.  Come check out my site: .

It's self promote!  Have you checked out my ad shop?  I'm looking for my first blog sponsor!  You can follow me on Twitter!  OR you can come like my Facebook page!

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