Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Review of "The Taste"

I love food!  So when Influenster asked me to unlock The Taste badge and get involved with the show The Taste, I thought it would be a fun idea!  The Taste is a cooking competition show that airs on ABC at 8/7c on Tuesdays. 

The show is similar to The Voice in its setup.  There are four judges: Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, Brian Malarkey, and Anthony Bourdain.  Each judge has chosen a team of cooks who are asked to make different food creations each week.  The first task is a team competition.  Each team works to create a specified food.  The team decides on the best dish, which they serve on a spoon to the guest judges.  These judges pick a winner out of the four, and the winner earns immunity from the elimination and the team gets the advice of the guest experts throughout the next challenge.  After the team competition, the cooks work to make their best food to fit the theme for the show.  Again, these are served up on a spoon, and their coaches do a blind taste test.  The coaches taste ALL of the foods and pick their best and worst.  The contestants who made the best and worst meals are revealed.  Sometimes the coaches are thrilled that one of their cooks made a best meal, and other times, they are sorely surprised that their cooks made a worst meal.  The "bests" share their creations, recieve feedback, and are sent to safety.  The "worsts" discuss their dishes and the judges choose whom to send home.

The Taste is fun to watch!  Although I like to cook, I know nothing about creating my own dishes or how to combine these flavors for this effect....basically, I can follow a recipe and make relatively decent food.  So sometimes, I get a little lost as to what they're actually doing.  haha  Last week's episode, "The Art of the Sandwich" took the simple idea of a sandwich and made it advanced!  You would think that making sandwiches would be easy, but it didn't really turn out that way. The two eliminated contestants, Mia & Huda, made some pretty big mistakes.  Mia chose to make her own bread for the sandwich, but it was burned.  Huda used chicken for her sandwich, but it wasn't fully cooked.  This elimination sent Anthony Bourdain's first contestant packing (Mia), and Huda's departure leaves Nigella with only one cook in the kitchen. 

Nigella is my favorite judge, probably because she's the underdog at this point.  With only one cook left, she could easily be out of competitors this coming week.  There's just something about rooting for the underdog!

All in all, if you haven't seen The Taste, it's definitely worth checking out!  :)  Tune in on Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC for Episode 6: Nose to Tail.  THAT should be interesting....

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Casey said...

I;ve been wanting to watch this show. It sounds like something I would like.

Kimberly H said...

I caught up on all of the episodes so far this weekend! I'm officially addicted!

SH said...

I haven't seen the show but heard it is really addicting! Gotta check it out!

Happy Monday!

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