Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's Ok Thursdays 3/28

Thursdays seem to come around so quickly these days....

This week, I've decided to do an Easter-themed It's Ok Thursday.

It's ok...that we dismiss an hour early today.  (We always to this on the last day of school before a holiday break.)

It's ok...that the best Easter present I will have this year is the absence of someone who has been making my life miserable.

It's be excited to dye eggs with my students today!

It's ok...that Scott and I may actually have the entire 3-day weekend off together.  (Unless he gets called in to work overtime.  Which will probably happen because we actually have the whole 3-day weekend off together.  lol)

It's kinda wish that I had to wake up on Sunday morning and search for my Easter basket.

It's ok...that my mom and dad do still get me some candy.  (Mmmm...Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs....)

It's miss going to Youth Convention in Hershey with the youth group.  Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that it's also ok to miss being a teen/early 20-something sometimes, too.

It's ok...that because of Easter "break" (aka a 3-day weekend thanks to snow) today is "Friday" and I am wearing jeans.

What's ok with you this week??

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Kristin said...

"Grrrr" to you and your 3-day weekend. Easter might be the hardest holiday to be away from home for some reason...
I'm glad you and Scott will have your time off together though!

Susannah said...

Have an amazing three day weekend! I wish I got that! :-)

Robin said...

Those Reese's eggs are so good! They seem to have more peanut butter.

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