Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Week 36

So before I begin, I want to share some sad news.  My Harry Potter Fix will no longer be occurring as a link up.  Kim has decided to make her blog private for reasons pending on her future career as a lawyer.  I'm so sad to see her going from the blogging world, but I completely understand her reasons, and I'm behind her 100%!

I am going to continue posting for the next few weeks for a few reasons:
1. I need things to write about.  ;)f
2. I want to finish the "would you rather questions".
3. I want to discuss my likes and dislikes of the last two books of the series.

If you want to post about those remaining topics with me, feel free to share the link to your post in the comments.
Would you rather...

...fight the basilisk or a dementor?  Snakes FREAK ME OUT.  Ever since I had to hold a python at an assembly in front of the students, it's even worse.  SO extra large snakes would totally not be on my list of things to take on.  I'd absolutely pick the dementor because Patronuses are cool.  :)

...spend a weekend with Dudley Dursley or Kreacher the House Elf? While Dudley is nothing more than an oversized bully, I would pick Kreacher simply because if I were with him, I'd be in the magical world. 

via a Quidditch Keeper or Beater? I honestly don't know....I was never good at sports, so I'd probably be bad at both.  BUT I think I'll pick Beater just because you'd get to participate in more of the action!

...receive a Howler in front of your friend or eat a vomit flavored Every Flavored Bean?  Embarrassing though it might be, I'm totally picking the Howler here.  Sure, the vomit flavored bean might be over and done with quickly, but since I hate anything and everything associated with being sick, I can't choose it.  IN fact, the act of eating said bean might cause actual vomiting to occur.  I'll pass.

...have Severus Snape as your father or Delores Umbridge as your mother? SNAPE, SNAPE, SNAPE, A MILLION TIMES, SNAPE!!  That one was too easy.  Yes, Snape isn't so nice to Harry.  Yes, he makes you mad over and over again in the books and movies, but ultimately, we know that he was truly good and had the capacity to love.  I would have deep pity for any spawn from that evil woman!
Again, this will no longer be an official link-up, but please feel free to share your thoughts (or the link to your post) in the comments! :)

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