Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Week 37

Just a reminder, that My Harry Potter Fix is no longer a link up, but I wanted to take a few weeks to finish up topics that we were planning to discuss.  Last week, I finished our "Would You Rather" questions.  Today, I'm discussing my thought on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Remember, even though this isn't an official link-up, you are still welcome to write a post and share it in the comments.  :)

~I really enjoy that Harry starts spending more time with Dumbledore.  I love that he gets to "go back in time" by viewing the memories in the Pensieve. 

~I am particularly fascinated that we learn more about Voldemort's background in this story. 

~I like that we start to see the relationships between Ron and Hermione and Ginny and Harry develop.....even though Ron is breaking Hermione's heart for most of the movie with Lavender Brown.

~One of my favorite parts is when Harry uses the liquid Luck to get Professor Slughorn to give him the modified memory about the Horcruxes.


~And this isn't in the book, but I'm totally ok with it being in the movie because it cracks me up every time.

~Though I know and agree that it is important to the story line, it is incredibly sad that Dumbledore dies in this book.  Especially because there is so much more that he and Harry could have accomplished before he has to set off with no clue what he's doing or where to look for the Horcruxes.

~Ron (or should I say "Won-Won"?) and Lavender.  Really?

There's really not a lot that I dislike about this book.  It is one of my favorites of the series. 

Do you have any thoughts about The Half-Blood Prince?

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Jaime Henderson said...

I think I need to read the books. I have only seen the movies.

Sarah Alway said...

For me this whole post was kind of like reading Chinese... but I still thought I would say hi! :-) I did try to read the first book but didn't get far, and saw the first movie but fell asleep. Just not my cup of tea I suppose! People do love Harry Potter though! Glad you are enjoying it.

Sarah @ Life As Always

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