Tuesday, February 25, 2014


About a week ago my friend and sponsor, Kristin, did a post about what was playing on her iTunes when she put it on shuffle.

I was in need of inspiration and decided to take a page from her book today!

I started by playing the first song in my library "Across the Universe" by The Beatles.  Here are the 10 that followed:

1. "Like that's a Bad Thing" ~Danny Gokey
2. "Cold Hearted Snake" ~Paula Abdul
3. "Baby's in Black" ~The Beatles
4. "Last Dance" ~Donna Summer
5. "I Second that Emotion" ~Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
6. "Little White Church" ~Little Big Town (LOVE this song!!  In fact, I'll share the video.)

7. "Silly Love Songs" ~Paul McCartney & Wings
8. "I'm Yours" ~Jason Mraz
9. "Sexy and I Know It" ~LMFAO
10. "Ring of Fire" ~Joaquin Phoenix from the Walk the Line Soundtrack

I'd say that's a pretty wide variety of songs there.

What would your first 10 songs be?


Kristin said...

Confession: I don't even have an active iTunes account right now. My iPod was circa 2006 and haven't used it since 2010. My new phone, that I got in November, still doesn't have any music on it. But I use the Netflix app regularly lol. I think we're opposites :)

Kari said...

Oh my goodness! I so need to do this!

K. @ Life's an Adventure said...

Yay! : )

Suzanne said...

Shania Twain - In Your Eyes
Amy Grant - I'm Gonna Fly
Cindy Morgan - The Sun Shines Through (this song got me through the toughest time!)
Amy - Free
Watermark - More Than You'll Ever Know
Michelle Tumes, Christine Dente, Susan Ashton - There is a Higher Throne
Amy - Here
FM Static -The Shindig
Amy - Back in Baby's Arms
Russ Taff - Farther On

Becky Dougherty said...

You can always tell a person's favorite artist by what pops up on her shuffle list! :)

Sarah Alway said...

I actually don't listen to my ipod very often... I'm not even sure where it is. When I'm in the car I usually listen to country radio, and at the gym I usually listen to some type of Top 40 station on Pandora.

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