Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stuff & Things: Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts:

1.  Water is a catch 22.  I get that we're supposed to drink a lot of water each day, and I mean, A LOT.  It's good for you, but seriously, having to pee 100 times a day is REALLY annoying.  And, of course, we all know that waiting too long to go is not good for you either.

2. Ok, this one is also about water.  Scott and I bought the variety pack of Propel powder packets the other day.  Since I have been trying to drink water with my lunch AND dinner AND throughout the day, I've been getting pretty tired of the lack of flavor in my life.  I really do like these things, and it's a nice way to change up the whole water thing without adding calories to my day.  And at least, there's a variety of these to keep that from getting boring.

3. My first day back to school is August 25th.  The kids come on August 27th.  Next week, I will have a series of school-related posts.  (One of them will be my classroom set-up!)

4. Have you heard of/tried  It's a pretty cool website where you can sell your clothes and accessories.  The prices are similar to yard sale prices (at least MINE are).  Buyers pay the shipping, so once you sell something, you ship it off.  Once they get their item(s), you get paid.  You can also buy items from others, or you can swap things!  I did manage to sell a Thirty-One purse, wallet, & key chain.  And I've had lots of people mark my items as favorites.  I haven't had a ton of luck, though.

5. My parents' and their neighbors are having a yard sale this weekend.  I've been trying to purge all sort of things around here: clothes I'm not wearing (because they don't fit or I don't like them any more), appliances, and other items we're not using.  I have stuff on eBay, Amazon, Vinted, and a bunch of local yard sale groups on Facebook.  I just hope I can get rid of a lot on Saturday!  I'm tired of our house being cluttered!  I'm even going to set up a table with my Celebrating Home stuff.  I have items that aren't in our current catalog and aren't ones I want to keep that I can sell on the spot, and I also plan to try to get some leads on parties and fundraisers.

6. Finally, the above just reminded me.....Celebrating Home offers AMAZING fundraisers.  We have two that yield up to 50% profit for your organization!  You don't have to live near me for me to help you or your organization with a fundraiser.  I would simply have forms shipped to you.  There's also an online component, and once I receive all of your orders, everything will be shipped to the location you specify sorted for each seller.  It's SO easy!  If you need to raise money for ANYTHING: personal, trips, schools, sports, dance, gymnastics, day care, medical bills, charity....ETC (the possibilities are endless!), contact me, and I can share more information with you!

So what Stuff & Things are on your mind today?


Kristin said...

For awhile there I was doing 100+ oz. of water a day. Now I'm closer to 80oz. However, you can't argue with the fact that the more you drink, the better you feel!

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