Friday, October 10, 2014

Potter Fix Friday: HP Recipes

Potter Fix Friday
I'm excited to be linking up with Ashley and Page for Potter Fix Friday again this week!  I totally missed last month's link-up.

This month's topic is Harry Potter Recipes.  

I can't say that I've ever actually made any Harry Potter recipes.  

I originally found this as a Pinterest pin, and I do still have it pinned to my "I Love Food" board, but since Pinterest has made it impossible to embed pins, and I'm writing this at work, we'll just do it the old fashioned way.  Luckily, the pin actually leads to a website.

Butter Beer Cupcakes

I have the first two Harry Potter books available for my students to read and study in reading class.  I think that if any of my classes ever choose to read one, I am TOTALLY making them these cupcakes.

Other than making homemade butter beer itself, this is really the only Harry Potter-like recipe that I'm thinking I really want to try some day!

Have YOU ever made a Harry Potter recipe?  What would be on your list of things to make?


Jenni @ Living for the Victories said...

This looks like an amazing recipe, think I may just have to give it a pin! And also, I wasn't aware of this link up and as a huge Potterhead I am going to have to bear it in mind for the future!

Julie said...

I have actually made this recipe. The cupcakes are amazing!

Ashley McCardia said...

Ohhhh I bet these would be delicious!! Thanks for joining us! :)

Sarah Alway said...

Butter Beer Cupcakes?! I'd definitely give these a try myself!

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