Wednesday, December 23, 2015

StitchFix Fail

I've written posts here about StitchFix before.  It can really be so much fun to get a box of clothes at your door to try on, keep what you like, and mail back what you don't.

Sometimes, they really hit the nail on the head, and sometimes, it's just a flop.  One time, I loved my entire box, and kept it all (and strangely enough, I didn't blog about that experience)!  More often than not, I only have one or two pieces I like.  Sometimes, I keep at least one piece just to justify the whole experience to myself.  But this time, I just refused!

The first pieces I tried on were a pair of leggings and this high-low t-shirt.  I liked these leggings.  They had a textured strip down the side, but the waistband was weird...I can't really describe it.  I might have kept them any way because....LEGGINGS.  But I could not and WOULD NOT justify paying $64 for a pair of leggings.  ARE THEY INSANE?

As you can see, the top isn't really flattering from the front.  It looks better from the side, but not redeeming enough.  Not only was it not super flattering, but it's just plain gray, really thin, and cost over $40.  Seriously?

The next piece was this pleated top.  No, no, no, and no.  The only thing I liked about this was the dots.  Other than that, it was not flattering, the attached camisole inside was too low, and ugh, just no.

Then there was a dress.  I usually get a dress.  And for some reason, they must think I don't like color because the dresses are always some form of black.  I did like this print, though, and I thought the cut was flattering.  The deal breakers?  The arm hole was cut strangely, and it cost $84.  No thanks.

Finally, they sent me this bag.  It was cute.  While it's not a bag I would typically buy for myself, I actually could imagine using it.  I actually kind of liked that it would be a cross body bag if I wanted, and it had a lot of pockets to carry my things.  Strangely enough, this was also the most inexpensive piece in my fix, and I almost bought it.  BUT I'm not really in the market for a bag.  If I had liked anything else in the fix, I would have kept the bag and the other piece(s), but it was just not worth it!

I contacted StitchFix about how unsatisfied I was.  While they don't refund your $20 styling fee, they WILL cover the fee for your next fix.  So I sealed everything back up in the bag, dropped it in the mail, and scheduled another fix.  I figured since they'll foot the bill, I will give it another go right away!


Kristin said...

That red shirt..yuck.
Did you email them or did you just write this in your review? They've definitely not responded back to me since I wrote a note to my stylist after the terrible fix I had this month.

Sarah Alway said...

I actually think the high-low tee is pretty cute, but I get what you're saying. I feel like a lot of their stuff is overpriced... like I would probably keep it, except I could get the same thing at Target for a third of the price, you know? I did change my settings last time to basically have everything be as cheap as possible, and that seemed to help some, but not much. I think I kept two things. I still think it's fun, though. :-)

Suzanne said...

The red shirt reminds me of the maternity clothing I wore in the 90s...ha ha.

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