Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Ok Thursday 3/14

It's time for another edition of "It's Ok Thursdays".  I figured I'd get this post written before the students arrive.  It is my hope that this Thursday is MUCH better than the last.

It's stay up later than usual to pamper yourself.  I totally took a luxurious shower, used my new warming foot scrub from Julep (review to come), and painted my nails.

It's ok...if you can think of nothing else but spring.  I am READY for warm weather!!

It's be frustrated with your job.  We all have these days....months....years.  Whichever.  I'm thankful for my job, but I'm just frustrated right now.  I hope you'll all bear with me until summer rolls around.  :)

It's ok...that I'm super excited my friend Joan is coming for a visit on Saturday.  She's bringing her baby along, and I can't wait to see them both!  I haven't seen them since baby Abby was a little over a week old in September!

It's ok...that the above list is all that I have time for today.  The students are arriving!

Have a great Thursday, everyone! :)

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Casey said...

I am also ready for warm weather! I think all teachers get frustrated with their jobs at one point or another.

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