Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Harry Potter Fix: Week 33

It's another week, and it's time for My Harry Potter Fix!  This week, we're doing some more "would you rather" questions, but before I share my answers, please remember the following:

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So here are my answers to this week's "would you rather" questions:
1. Have an Invisibility Cloak or a Time-Turner? This is a hard choice for me.  In our "My Harry Potter Fix" about The Prisoner of Azkaban, I mentioned how much I love the subject of time travel.  I have also imagined just what it would be like to walk out of a room and then be able to reenter without anyone knowing to see what is said when you're gone.  lol  But ultimately, I just don't think I can pass on the Time-Turner.  I am too fascinated with history to say no to time traveling! 

2. Spend an hour talking with J.K. Rowling or with Daniel Radcliffe? Definitely J.K. Rowling.  While Daniel Radcliffe is a wonderful actor, and clearly plays a major role in the Harry Potter films, J.K. Rowling is the brains behind this entire magical world!  I would love to talk to her about how she developed the stories, more of the background information she has on characters and things she created.  It would simply be amazing.  Daniel would be like, "Well...I played Harry Potter."  ;)

3. Have a flying broomstick or an enchanted flying car? Broomstick.  As far as magical travel methods, for an object, this would be the least conspicuous. 

4. Spend a week lost in the Forbidden Forest a day in Azkaban? As scary as it would be, I think I would take the 24 hours in Azkaban.  Kim made an excellent point in her post: the dementors won't kill you or perform the kiss after only one day.  At least you know what you're facing in Azkaban.  The Forbidden Forest holds so many scary creatures that are looking to kills you.  I wouldn't last ONE day in there, let alone a whole week!

5. Change the story so that Dumbledore does not get killed or so that Sirius does not get killed? Even though it was sad when Dumbledore dies, I believe that it was truly important and essential to the story.  We also learn that because of the curse from the Horcrux Ring, he would've died relatively soon anyway.  So I have to say I would rather that Sirius didn't die.  Poor Harry already had lost so much and had so little going for him.  I desperately wanted Sirius' name to be cleared and Harry to live with him.  Even if the story had him die at the end like Remus and many other important characters, I would've liked him to be around for longer than he was!

So what are your thoughts?  Do we agree?  Do we disagree?
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Kimberly H said...

I completely agree about being more ok with Sirius' death if he would have been around a little bit longer. I really like these Would You Rather questions!

Jaime Henderson said...

Yay! another round of "would you rather...?" These Harry Potter ones are my favorite. We actually agree on all of them this time ;)

Becky Dougherty said...

People who wear their hair the same to church are bound to agree on something eventually. ;) :)

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